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Andromeda Stevens, D.C.

Dr. Andromeda Stevens, D.C. became a doctor because she was inspired by her own scoliosis condition.  Her practice specializes in the proper rehabilitation of the lower back and scoliosis.  She was introduced to Pilates and became a (Gold) Certified Instructor to offer Pilates to her patients as a way of treating pain and resolving… Keep Reading »

Kelli Altounian


Kelli Altounian, NPCP

Kelli is the co-founder of Pilates Sports Center. She holds a BA from the University of OK, was a Radio City Music Hall Rockette and a professional dancer for over 15 years. Kelli became an advocate of pilates in 1994 and began teaching pilates in 2000. Quickly realizing her vision for Pilates Sports… Keep Reading »

Art Altounian

Art is the Director of Business Development for Pilates Sports Center.  He had previously spent fifteen years in the entertainment industry as a producer, director, writer, and has been involved in seemingly every other aspect of film and television production during that time span. In 2009 he completed the “Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge”… Keep Reading »

Helena Hultberg-Talman

Pilates & Barre Trainer / Master Teacher Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA.

Born and raised in Sweden, Helena is a graduate of the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. She moved to America 1995 were she pursued a carrier as a professional dancer. She toured nationally and internationally with numerous Broadway musicals such as Cats, West… Keep Reading »

Kelly C. DiMeo

PSC Pilates & Barre Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA

A Southern California native, Kelly’s lifetime has been devoted to the numerous aspects of physical fitness. As a youth she was professionally trained as an ice skater, vying in various regional competitions. In her 20’s she became immersed in Aerobics & weight training and was… Keep Reading »

Jessica Horwitch

Pilates Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA.

Jessica fell in love with pilates after taking classes for several years. She received her teaching education from Pilates Sports Center Encino, Spring 2014. 

During her 8 years of teaching she has taken many continued education classes through various programs, including Pilates for Pregnancy, common problems of… Keep Reading »

Chelsea McLaughlin

Pilates Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA.

Chelsea was born and raised in Woodland Hills, California and began dancing at Carousel at the age of 7. She… Keep Reading »

Ali Nagy

Pilates Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA.

Starting out as a competitive dancer at a young age, Ali grew up loving all things movement. She trained in various dance styles as well as gymnastics and cheerleading and eventually began a professional dance career once moving from West… Keep Reading »

Jaymes Mihaliak

Bad Boy Pilates:
1 (323) 573-7666

About Jaymes Mihaliak.

Jaymes is a private CMT (certified massage therapist) and certified Pilates instructor with practices in Los Angeles and Lake Arrowhead CA. A graduate of California Healing Arts College in 2005, he specializes in jadestone hydrotherapy, shiatsu, and sports massage. He became Pilates and Barre certified through… Keep Reading »