Scoliosis Certification


A 12 hour expanded program exploring the causes of scoliosis, issues that can exacerbate its curvatures, and ways to attain better function, posture, and pain-free movement. We also cover scoliosis fusions. Learn what to avoid and what to focus on to assist scoliosis clients in reducing pain while increasing functionality. Includes scope of practice, anatomy discussion, practical demonstrations, plus a take home reference-workbook that make this a valuable and applicable workshop. A comprehensive test out earns you a diploma and website listing as a scoliosis specialty Pilates teacher. By: Dr Andromeda Stevens, D.C. 12 PMA CEC’s 

October 10th – 11th 2020 $600 @ Pilates Sports Center Encino CA

Register: $100 Non Refundable Deposit to hold your spot! Email / PayPal or Venmo


The Program will include:

  • 12+ Hours of Coursework
  • Pilates Props, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair Repertoire for the Scoliosis client
  • Medical anatomical terminology
  • Ethics and scope of practice
  • 12 PMA CEC’s


  • Pilates Instructor Diploma from a comprehensive program that includes all apparatus including but not limited to: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair OR proof of PMA CPT™/NPCT
  • Completed Application / Tuition deposit
  • Signed Student Contract (day 1 of class)
  • Personal Liability Insurance


Assessment Based Certificate/Diploma issued upon completing all course requirements:

  • 12+ Hours of Coursework
  • 100% attendance
  • Passing score on written exam


$600.00 (Minus Non-Refundable Deposit of $100) to guarantee a place in the course.  Tuition balance (less deposit) is due on the first day of the course. Deposit/Tuition paid via: check, money order, cash or credit card (mc/visa).

Optional: Complete Test Out if Assessment Based Certificate/Diploma is desired