Art Altounian

Art is the Director of Business Development for Pilates Sports Center.  He had previously spent fifteen years in the entertainment industry as a producer, director, writer, and has been involved in seemingly every other aspect of film and television production during that time span. In 2009 he completed the “Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge” that was based on his own body and life altering experience of putting Joseph Pilates famous quote of, “10 sessions to feel a difference, 20 sessions to see a difference, and 30 sessions to a new body” to the ultimate test. His sessions were all documented on YouTube under “Pilates for Men” on the Pilates Sports Center Channel.  The series has enjoyed great success by viewers around the world, which ultimately inspired the DVD creation of “Pilates For Men 10-20-30 Challenge”. In the fall of 2009, Mr. Altounian completed the Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program and he markets and supports PSC’s Master Trainers around the globe. Additionally he produces and directs all of the PSC branded DVD’s including:

  • Jump Board I the original
  • Jump Board II – Props
  • Jump Board III – Advanced Cardio Pump
  • Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge
  • Pilates PMS Relief Workout
  • Advanced Cadillac Techniques
  • Cardio Springboard / Tower Workout
  • Pilates Split Pedal Wunda Chair Workshop
  • Foam Roller Fitness Workout