Kelly C. DiMeo

PSC Pilates & Barre Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA

A Southern California native, Kelly’s lifetime has been devoted to the numerous aspects of physical fitness. As a youth she was professionally trained as an ice skater, vying in various regional competitions. In her 20’s she became immersed in Aerobics & weight training and was a fixture in local cycling tournaments. When introduced to the world of Pilates in 2004, she became an instant disciple & devoted herself to it with every fiber of her being. She immediately recognized the myriad benefits that Pilates offers for people of all fitness levels and ages.  There was no question at this point—she decided to become a teacher of Pilates, and here we are…In addition to proper alignment, Kelly brings a jovial, athletic quality to her Pilates’ instruction, helping her clients to understand the freedom and joy of efficient bodywork. (310) 650-3098‬ or email [email protected] 

Her credentials include:

  • Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program
  • PSC’s Common Problems and Protocol Workshop 2010
  • PSC’s Pilates for Men Workshop 2010
  • Balanced Body University – CoreAlign 1, Vertical Reality 2010
  • Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
  • Pilates Sport Center – Burn at the Barre Certification Program
  • CPR / First Aid Certified