PSC Encino’s Pilates Instructor/Trainers

Seth Hampton


PSC Pilates Trainer / Master Teacher Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA.

With 20+ years of experience in fitness and wellness, Seth brings a unique perspective to the concept of human movement. As a Dance Major at the Juilliard School in New York and a touring professional with both Broadway and International Touring Companies of… Keep Reading »

Kadee Sweeney


Pilates Instructor / Master Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA.  

Kadee was a little girl when she discovered dance, movement, and teaching.  At a young age she was coaching
cheerleading teams and teaching dance class. Her love of dance led her to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a professional dancer where she appears in… Keep Reading »

Jessica LaMons


Pilates & Barre Instructor / Master Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA. 

Born in Brazil and raised in Northern California, Jessica first discovered Pilates at a young age as part of her ballet training and immediately saw the benefits of increased core strength, flexibility and improved posture on her dance technique. While studying at Santa… Keep Reading »

Kelly C. DiMeo


Pilates Instructor/Staff Member, Encino, CA.

A Southern California native, Kelly’s lifetime has been devoted to the numerous aspects of physical fitness. As a youth she was professionally trained as an ice skater, vying in various regional competitions. In her 20’s she became immersed in Aerobics & weight training and was a fixture in local cycling… Keep Reading »

Nia Allen


Pilates Instructor/Staff Member, Encino, CA.

Movement has always been an integral part of Nia’s life. With a concentration in modern dance at Oberlin College, Nia lived in NYC teaching dance to children in Greenwich, CT and studying dance further at DanceSpace in Manhattan. After making the move to Los Angeles and struggling with intermittent low… Keep Reading »

Helena Hultberg-Talman


PSC Pilates & Barre Trainer / Master Teacher Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA.

Born and raised in Sweden, Helena is a graduate of the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. She moved to America 1995 were she pursued a carrier as a professional dancer. She toured nationally and internationally with numerous Broadway musicals such as Cats,… Keep Reading »

Laura Dunlop


PSC Pilates Instructor/ Staff member Encino, CA.  

A Southern California native, Laura is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Having suffered a serious neck injury early in her dance carrier she was introduced to Pilates as a way to continue conditioning, strengthening, enhancing her postural awareness and maintaining flexibility while rehabilitating her injury.Pilates allowed her… Keep Reading »

Somayeh Moza

Moza Somaya - 0275

Somayeh Moza / PSC Staff Member

NASM & PSC Certified

There is nothing I love more than providing tools for a healthy living. I consider myself a life long student and will continue sharing my knowledge with other individuals to promote happiness and mindful living.  I am very grateful to be a part of PSC team surrounded… Keep Reading »

Briana Davidson


PSC Staff Member

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Briana is a professional dancer and was introduced to Pilates early on as part of her dance training. She became hooked after she took a Pilates reformer course while studying dance at UC Irvine and noticed immediate improvement in her core strength, balance, and joint… Keep Reading »