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3 Steps To Make it Work As A Full-Time Pilates Instructor

Probably the most asked question we get here at Pilates Sports Center when being asked about our Teacher Training Program is:

1. “How much money can I earn?” It’s a fair question that needs some research. So instead of blanket answers or wide ranges, we go to data instead. Glass Door is a good place to begin as it’s site that is driven by employer data and shows what larger Pilates Studios are willing to pay to bring on Instructors. Today’s range is generally $32 per hour on the low end, going up to about $45 per hour with potential to climb higher. Full time Instructors can range even higher and may be able to begin at around $50k per year moving higher with experience. According to the average salary nationwide is over $33 per hour, but that number increases in larger, denser cities. So the first step to make it work is “Can I make enough Money?” That answer for most is a resounding YES!

2. Step 2 is where do I get my Pilates Education? Pilates Certification, Education, Teacher Training, there are many names, but the most important answer we would suggest is make sure it’s a comprehensive Pilates education you are getting for your investment. Whether you choose the traditional approach, or the progressive method, make sure it’s a reputable entity, with broad recognition and a good reputation for turning out amazing instructors.

3. Step 3 is retention of your client. If you happen to get hired by a studio and you are teaching hourly classes, this step is still imperative for you. If you don’t have a compelling class that gives the studio client an amazing experience, the class population will dwindle, and runs the risk of getting canceled. In this scenario, perhaps you lose that hour, and eventually your position. So how do you keep them happy? Stay up on your craft. That means with your con-ed, and also with the heartbeat of your particular studio and its specific clientele. If you have an over 60 crowd then a pulsating rave playlist at a level 10 volume and 50 minutes of straight jump board may not be the perfect fit. Know your audience and listen to them.

This list could really be a top 5 or top 10 list of “Steps to Make it Work as Pilates Teacher” but this is a good start. More great info to come soon. In the meantime, we here at Pilates Sports Center are here to answer any questions you may have. You can always reach us at:


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