Pilates and Electric Cars, The Similarities

Pilates is good for Humans = Good for Humanity

At first glance, this seems like a stretch. How can EV’s and Pilates share a blog post or anything, really?  In reality, we attempt to do things in life that we think will have a positive impact on others, the earth, and sure, maybe ourselves a little also.  For all of California’s shortcomings, exceedingly high taxes, fires, expensive housing, (and the list goes on), it’s a leader in Electric Vehicles, both in incentives and charging infrastructure. It’s also a leader in Progressive style Pilates. So what are the similarities, or how can you even mention the two in the same breath. Look at it this way…The human body, as it ages, will go through maladies, injuries, and old age. The longer we live, the more challenges we will have, most issues stemming from lack of strength and flexibility. So what can help with that? We know that a balance of good nutrition, especially as we age is hugely helpful. Pilates himself noted, “You’re only as old as your Spine.” (I paraphrase here). So we’re clear here, we age, we deal with more injuries as we age, we can only take PT for so long, and the long term solution to a better, healthier, stronger body is Pilates mixed with a healthy diet. Got it. No brainer.

EV’s good for Environment = Good for Humanity

The electric car and Mother Earth. Now without making this a blog about hugging trees (which you should all try at some point), one simply has to look around and without reading every science paper dedicated to proving or disproving our current environmental changes, one need only experience a super-storm, a SoCal fire or one of the many devastating hurricanes that hit the world each year to know that something is up, and it’s real. So if the body can suffer if abused…and the planet can suffer if abused can Pilates and EV’s actually help?  Well, you decide. As for me? I’ll keep driving clean, and teasering my way to bliss. I hope you’ll consider it too!