PSC Client of the Month: Micki!

From Micki:

I was 77, a beginner in Pilates and recovering from a shattered femur when I first came to PSC. That was 2 years ago. The doctors were surprised I had healed so well, “for my age”; but my range of motion was limited, and I had a hard time with certain movements. I was not satisfied with these limitations.

My son Adam and Maytal Churash suggested Pilates. Maytal took the teacher training program at PSC. Both were devotees of Seth, a Master Teacher.

It was obvious from our initial meeting and evaluation that Seth was a” body guru”. He knew immediately how he would work with me to enhance my body. Age would not be the determiner of how much I could improve.

As my body ages, Seth finds new ways to keep me young. He is patient and sets reasonable goals and when I achieve them, we both celebrate. As a result, of his gentle encouragement, my posture has improved; I really feel taller. I am stronger and more flexible, and my leg, amazingly, keeps gaining mobility!

Seth makes Pilates fun. When I told him how much I enjoyed jumping rope as a child, he incorporated jump board into my Thursday routine. When I’m jumping, I feel like a kid again

At this point we know each other well; we are friends, we laugh and enjoy one other, (with little chatting), as Seth remains committed, patient and totally focused, watching every movement and every position, from my head to my feet to my toes, as if no one else exists.

Seth has his own Pilates vocabulary that speaks to each of his clients individually, as Lindsay says, “It’s not Pil-ates, its Seth-lates”.

PSC is like my 2nd home. Now my granddaughters are also coming to Pilates. I love meeting them there; 3 generations, all ages, all reaping the benefits of the PSC “family” and Seth’s talents.

From Seth:
Micki Alter came to me directly after undergoing Physical therapy due to a shattered femur. She has a pin in her left hip, which caused discomfort and limited range of motion. She could barely walk up steps. We carefully designed a program that involved Glut work and key awareness of how the transvers abdominals connects to every movement. Micki also has heightened scoliosis so our work also involves lengthening of her spine and postural realignment. As a dedicated student Micki quickly saw results. Within the first year she was able to comfortably walk up steps and her over all alignment has improved tremendously. We even do Jump board regularly. Micki is an inspiration and now dear friend and a perfect example of the age reversal process that Pilates has to offer.