Pilates Sports Center’s Master Trainers

Amplified Pilates, Chicago

Chicago MT offers PSC Teacher Training

The title should read, “Pilates Sports Center’s Master Trainers Around the World.” For over a decade, PSC has been slowly training and added Teacher Training Centers around the US, and have had success outside the country as well. Recently added territories include Tel Aviv, Israel, Seoul Korea and even Istanbul Turkey. In the photos we see a graduating class from “Amplified Pilates” in Chicago, IL. In all, they studied a full, comprehensive Pilates program offered by PSC and taught by Master Trainer, Angela Pawlicki for 16 weeks, 8 hours each week, and had to do 100 hours of observation hours plus practice teaching, self integration, etc. In February of 2019, PSC added some new cities around the US. PSC education can now be found in Bakersfield, Wisconsin, and Austin Texas. We are incredibly proud of the effort these amazing Pilates Studio owners put in to learn the PSC method of teaching and integrate it into their studios, regardless of who originally certified them. As the Pilates industry continues to grow, thrive and prosper, we are proud to walk with these amazing educators every day, month and year, with the hope that prospective students truly understand what an amazing program the PSC Teacher Training program is, and what kind of instructors it creates.