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Peri-Menopause and Pilates

Well, its official, I am going through the “change” and after a variety of drugs, tons of research and about 4 OB-GYN doctors / chiropractors / acupuncturists and wellness coaching… Im no better off than my counterpart relatives who have spent a mint on fancy hormone creams and special doctors who wont take insurance. YIKES!  The night sweats, mood changes, crazy cycles, tired, foggy brain, rashes, hair thinning – hmm is that it? I hope so!


So – I got activated to change it all up.  Here is what I have found.  Now, mind you Im only a couple of weeks in, but heres what i am trying.

Got off all of the HRT (no progesterone or mini pill)

Got all the tests done to be sure Im ok (blood work, biopsy and hysteroscopy and ultrasounds)

Taking Black Cohosh root – 40mg daily / 2000mg of flax seed oil / multivit / am/pm menopause formula from the drug store (name?)

RUN like a mad dog a few times a week 2.5 miles or so in the AM to relieve the anxiety and homicidal tendencies!!!!!

Go to bed at 10 (I mean lights out, no TV)

Cut down on animal products as much as possible  and simple carbs (No, Im not perfect about it)

Got a dose of Antidepressants that seem to work – took a while to get it right.  I have a great Dr. who is very patient!

Downloaded some meditation apps and try to chill out once a day

Pilates 2-3 times a week to get tuned into my body and change up the mindless and hardcore running.  Now, lately I had slacked off on my Pilates and noticed a big change without it.  The time to slow down, breathe and focus on stuff other than the world is VIP.  The mind body connection and the breath work are not something i get from any other type of exercise.

Most of all i have changed my mind about exercise in general – instead of focusing on the physical results, the weight, the inches the “look”.  Im focusing on how I FEEL and what it does for me internally, the rest will come.


More info to come as i continue the journey.

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