PHIIT – Pilates High Intensity Interval Training DVD

In 2012, Pilates Sports Center was busy creating their new slate of innovative, home workout DVD’s. At the top of the list comes a brand new idea in the Pilates fitness world, Phiit, or Pilates High Intensity Interval Training. This workout dvd boasts 8 simple exercises to unlock a whole new you. PSC Master Trainer Joshua Smith experimented and took his interest in cross fit and isometrics/mat work and married it to a stop watch. These exercises are all relatively common mat repertoire work, but put together in a way you’ve likely never experienced or seen before. When going through the rehearsal process, Joshua made certain that though this is a relatively difficult workout, it would still have building blocks for relative newcomers to the Pilates world. We certainly hope you enjoy this PSC DVD offering as much as we enjoyed producing it.

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