PSC’s Burn at the Barre Adds 2 New DVD Workouts!

Working hard doing the Advanced Burn at the Barre workout!

With the popular original “Burn at the Barre” workout completed in 2011, Pilates Sports Center found itself fielding dozens of, “this is awesome, what’s next?” questions. We certainly think that the addition of “Burn at the Barre for Beginners” and the heart thumping, “Burn at the Barre Advanced Workout” answers those questions. With added production value, and an entirely new repertoire of exercises, we are very excited about this trilogy of Barre products to introduce to you!

You have the option of watching clips here! We are excited to also announce PSC’s Burn at the Barre Teacher Training Program, that can be done via remote study at your convenience at your home. Please visit our website for more information about that and other teacher training options for Barre either in your city or here in Los Angeles!

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