PSC Workout Classes Online

Pilates Sports Center likes to consider itself a trendsetter in fitness, health and wellness. We have had great success with the amazing clients that have been a part of our twelve year history. One request we have gotten from many who aren’t local to Encino, is for online workouts. Our library of 14 DVD’s is one thing, but we are going to take it a major step further! Coming soon, we will be offering classes online either as an a la carte option for users to jump into a Zumba, Mat Pilates or Barre workout, or to join as a monthly member. We are currently underway planning the studio build and the benefit to you will be a multitude of classes offered by any/all of our qualified, certified Pilates, Barre and Zuma teachers.  So hold on tight, because we believe we will have this launched before long. Check back soon!

Working hard doing the Advanced Burn at the Barre workout!

Working hard doing the Advanced Burn at the Barre workout!

Burn at the Barre – Home Study Now Offering CEC’s!

BATB Home Study Program!

The Pilates Sports Center’s comprehensive “Burn at the Barre” Certification program has been approved for 10 CEC’s in 2013. The home study program has also been approved, and is growing increasingly popular around the country. If you want to bring the popular and exciting Burn at the Barre program… Keep Reading »

Burn at the Barre – Remote Teacher Training

Burn at the Barre Teacher Training at PSC is now available via remote study!

The Barre and dance based fitness trend is showing no signs of weakness as Pilates Sports Center’s growing fan base of Burn at the Barre classes has now grown into a significant teacher training program. As the first… Keep Reading »

PSC’s Burn at the Barre Adds 2 New DVD Workouts!

Working hard doing the Advanced Burn at the Barre workout!

With the popular original “Burn at the Barre” workout completed in 2011, Pilates Sports Center found itself fielding dozens of, “this is awesome, what’s next?” questions. We certainly think that the addition of “Burn at the Barre for Beginners”… Keep Reading »