Burn at the Barre – Remote Teacher Training

Burn at the Barre Teacher Training at PSC is now available via remote study!

The Barre and dance based fitness trend is showing no signs of weakness as Pilates Sports Center’s growing fan base of Burn at the Barre classes has now grown into a significant teacher training program. As the first several programs were hosted at the Encino studio (and sold out quickly) we began filming the entire teacher training event in high quality and edited it into a fantastic training tool. Paired with an illustrated and extremely comprehensive teaching manual, we have been able to uphold the quality of this Barre educational program and offer it as a remote study course to be done wherever you are, whenever you have time to study.

Specific information about the home study course is available to you here. Our “Burn at the Barre” was created with the sole purpose of providing an intense, cardio/strength building workout, while still using the basic Pilates principles and safety guidelines to keep people safe and in perfect alignment. The result has been outstanding, and we sincerely hope you will take a look at our Burn at the Barre library while considering the remote, home study option for completing your teacher training.

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