Rent Space in Hollywood!

My name is Jennie Sheffield. I am a Pilates Instructor and own a small studio in Hollywood called Linear Pilates. It’s a small space and I am looking to rent it out either hourly or split with another instructor or student whom is trying to gain hours. Can I list an add like this with your school?   The website is for more info about me and the space.

Home Client

Looking for an experienced instructor that will teach 2 clients at her home -Woodland Hills area. 2 reformers and a wunda chair.  3 days a week at 7 or 8 in the morning.  Weekends won’t work.

Jennifer Kaufman

310 722 1288

Staying Fit On Either Side of 50 with Kelly DiMeo!

Staying Fit!

We recently caught up with busy PSC Instructor, Kelly DiMeo and wanted to do a quick Q and A session with her. It’s not easy to sit down with Kelly as she’s a pretty busy trainer and person in general, but her sunny and smiley disposition always puts everyone here at… Keep Reading »

Pilates Teaching Position with clients in Manhattan Beach

Pilates Teaching Position with clients in Manhattan Beach
Clients already scheduled for portions of shifts
Monday am, Tues am, Weds am/pm, Thur am Fri pm

CoeDynamics located in Manhattan Beach with beautiful ocean views, is interviewing certified Pilates Teachers that are experienced with a variety of cleintelle, motivated and is dedicated to his or her craft and… Keep Reading »

Woodland hills Pilates Sub Teacher

psc flyer for JOB

How To Increase Revenue In Your Pilates Studio

During off-peak times, or usually in the early afternoon until the late afternoon, Pilates studios and fitness studios in general get very quiet. It’s the nature of the fitness business, after all, most people have jobs and businesses to attend to, so the mid-day blues are all a part of how business ebbs and flows… Keep Reading »