Pilates for Cyclists

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My fascination (as well as other trainers here at Pilates Sports Center) began nearly six years ago. Without giving away too many of my age details, my first purchase of a bike as an adult was to celebrate my 40th birthday. Dang…you can probably figure out that math! It started out with a simple 5 mile ride on a $150 hybrid bicycle. From there, a simple ride with a friend manifested itself to Century rides, as well as bikes for all occasions. A hybrid was a decent do it all specimen in theory, but in reality it didn’t do anything well. So that bike was booted in favor of a comfort road bike. Which was booted for a carbon fiber Specialized Roubaix SL3 Pro. Ahhh…finally figured out the road conundrum and had the perfect steed for the asphalt. Our infatuation went past the road, right into the dirt, however, and the used Specialized Hardrock with the V-Brakes was good for a few crashes until it was shuttled away for a more rugged Camber Expert, full suspension 29er. Finally the equipment was better than the guy riding the equipment. As it should be.

One of the things we learned relatively quickly, however, is that repetitive motion done several times per week, without proper “unwinding” of those tightly wound muscles created soreness and the potential for injury. Thus, the beauty of Pilates for Cyclists. We may be biased because Pilates Sports Center has been around for nearly 15 years, and we preach, understand and revere the quality of our posture, health and well being, but pairing Pilates with Cycling is truly a powerful and amazing combination. Just for fun, we’ve tossed in a Pilates for Cyclists Video for you to peruse. We didn’t produce it, but there’s good stuff in here. Enjoy! For more of our blogs, or videos, please visit our website.

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