Pilates Certification vs Teacher Training?

What is the difference you ask between Pilates Certification and Pilates Teacher Training?  The Pilates Method Alliance states:

“Professional certification, (or in some fields, a license), administered by an independent third party, is a cornerstone in any established profession. The PMA Certification Program has created the only psychometrically validated, third party certification exam in the Pilates field. The PMA aims to create a critical mass of professionally certified Pilates teachers in order to establish the teaching of Pilates as a profession. We urge you to join this movement to elevate the status of Pilates teachers by becoming a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher. The Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) examination has been designed to measure skill and knowledge level based on 450 hours or more of lecture self-study, and assisted teaching hours.” So…. if you are following PMA guidelines, a program isnt technically a “Certification”, its a Teacher Training Program with an Assessment based Certificate of Completion.  You THEN take the PMA exam and pass to achieve the title of Certified.
This does not mean that a program isn’t worthy! It means you need to do your homework when choosing a program. Nobody will look out for you and guide you away from a less than great program! Heres what you need to ask/look for:



Suggests the following when shopping for a Program:

The Italics will denote how PSC compares

Here is a list of questions to ask once you find a Pilates Teacher Training program that you are interested in:

  • Does the program have more than one training program – if so what are they?

Yes, we have programs in multiple locations across the USA, Canada, Turkey, and Israel. PSC has modular or all-inclusive programs (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair) available.

  • Who is the program director?

Dr. Andromeda Stevens, D.C. and Kelli Altounian

  • Does the Program Director have 10 years of Pilates teaching experience?

Yes, The Directors have an extensive background including a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a BA in Dance and hold multiple Certifications in related fields. PSC has been producing quality instructors since 2000.

  • Are there any other facilitators/ trainers who assist with the program?

Yes depending on the location there will be assistants and/or apprentice Master Trainers available.

  • Have the facilitators/ trainers attended a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training course or are they PMA Certified Pilates Teachers? The Directors and Master

Trainers of PSC qualify as a YES both questions. We are all PMA Certified.

  • Have the director and the facilitators had at least 7 years teaching experience or are they PMA Pilates Certified Teachers?

The Directors answer YES to both questions. The facilitators, depending on location will have a minimum of 5 years experience and have passed the PMA Exam.

  • How long does it take to complete the program?

16 weeks for a full program plus self paced homework and required observation/practice hours.

  • Are there any prerequisites to attend the program?

Yes, 30 hours of Pilates experience with a qualified Pilates Instructor – we can assist you at a discount

  • Does the program have an entrance exam?

No, interview only. Unless entering with a partial completed Program – PSC will test you in to determine placement level.

  • Does the program include movement science, observation, hands on mentoring and self-study?

Yes, comprehensive anatomy, fundamentals, terminology and Pilates Philosophy included in all courses as well as a high number of class hours and an apprentice program. All are included in our price.

  • Is there a written and practical exam?

Yes, the exam is practical and written as well as a written Assessment Project and Anatomy Thesis Paper.

  • Does the program provide a contract of the services?

Yes – comprehensive to protect the Student

  • Minimum 450 hours required for completion of program. Yes
  • Program hours should include: lecture/observation/personal Pilates practice or

lessons/workouts/supervised student teaching.

Yes – high classroom hours are vital. We offer 120 hours of actual class time

  • *Program covers reformer/trap table/ped-o-pul/barrels/chair.

Yes (barrels and Ped-o-pull are separate workshop)

  • Course participants should have prior Pilates experience or a course entrance requirement. Yes – this will make your experience more meaningful and fluid.
  • *Written and practical test with passing scores required for completion.

Yes – as well as our assessment of students over-all performance.

  • Are there any requirements for entry into the program? (Most comprehensive Pilates programs require prior Pilates exercise experience or an entrance exam as a pre-requisite for entry into the program.) Yes – previously discussed
  • Does the training program offer instruction on all the pieces of exercise apparatus or just a specific piece?

Yes – Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and small apparatus. Our anatomy is included (and is NOT a separate course for an additional fee.)

  • What is the time structure for the program? Does it meet weekly or weekends, monthly, etc.?

Bi-weekly for 4 hours per session for 16 weeks to best absorb the material and interfere minimally on lifestyle and ability to rest, as well as absorb the material.

  • How long does it take to complete the program? (For example: Total structure of the program requirements in hours/months.)

Full Program is 16 weeks plus self paced study

  • Are lecture observation, apprenticeship and practice hours involved? (Remember, a well-rounded program includes all of the above.)

Yes – no hidden charges or requirements

  • Who is the program director, and what is his/her background and training?

Bios available on website http://www.PilatesSportsCenter.com

  • Who are the program’s other facilitators, and what are their backgrounds? (The Pilates Method Alliance guidelines suggest facilitators of comprehensive training programs to have taught Pilates a minimum of 5 years prior to instructing instructors.)

Yes, see website for complete bios and pictures of all Master Trainers

  • Can the program provide references with contacts of prior graduates of their program?

Yes, they are all very successful and have created a Global Network

  • Does the program administer a practical and written exam prior to issuing a certificate? Yes – answered above
Pilates Sports Center will answer any and all questions you may have about Pilates Programs. Our Program is 16 weeks for twice a week meetings of 4 hours each and we limit our class size to give you quality (120 hours) of class time.  Call or email us anytime.  818 788 8112 [email protected]

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