Please Print for Your Records

All Program Requirements and Fees:

I declare that I have read, understand, and will comply with the terms listed in the document called “PSC Digital Brochure” on the Pilates Teacher Training page  www.PilatesSportsCenter.com

Medical Release:

I declare that I am medically mentally and physically able and free from impairment to participate in fitness activities.  I further declare that I have consulted with a physician regarding any illness, disability, or injury, which I am aware of and have been cleared to participate fully, and without limitations. I have disclosed all medical issues and special needs, if any, prior to beginning any program with PSC. I agree to disclose any and all medical issues as they arise after the course has begun.

Refund and Cancellation Policies:

  • Pilates Teacher Training

Non-Refundable Deposit of $500.00 ($100 for Mat or a Module) is due with application/registration to reserve a place in the course. Your non-refundable deposit and application entitle you to all PSC Studio discounts as soon as it is made. No Studio discounts given if tuition is refunded or if the student drops from the course. Student is entitled to tuition refund upon withdrawal/termination: no less than 14 calendar days before the start of program or module 100%. After program has begun, No refund of tuition. All refunds will be made within 30 days from the date of termination/withdrawal. The official date of termination/withdrawal of a student shall be determined in the following manner:

  • The date on which the school receives notice of the student’s intention to discontinue the training program; or
  • The student will receive a full refund of tuition & fees paid if the school discontinues a Program within a period of time a student could have reasonably completed it.

The policy for granting credit for previous training shall not impact the refund policy.

Student Contract you have read, printed, signed and agreed to all terms in the Student Contract. PLEASE GIVE A SIGNED COPY TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR

Student Contract 2024


  • Pilates & Pregnancy in Person & On Demand

Tuition is paid in full to register – a refund of 100% is given only if cancellation is received 3+ business days prior to the course schedule or being downloaded. No refund for any materials that have been shipped, downloaded or otherwise received.

Student Contract

A student contract is available on the Pilates & Pregnancy Certification page of our web site for you to download and is available HERE. This is required with your application and payment. The contract will outline what materials are included in the cost of the Pilates & Pregnancy Program. If you are taking an On Demand Program, an instruction Manual and the Digital Download will be issued only when payment has been made along with a full application.


  • Burn at the Barre in Person & Home Study

Tuition is paid in full to register – a refund of 100% is given only if cancellation is received 3+ business days prior to the course schedule or being shipped. No refund for any materials that have been shipped or downloaded and received for a Home Study Program.

Materials Release (Burn at the Barre Teacher Training)

This agreement will outline what materials are included in the cost of the Burn at the Barre™ Program. If you are taking a Home Study Level I or II Program, an instruction Manual and the Digital Download or DVD’s will be issued only when payment has been made along with a full application.

Materials Release (Pilates and Barre Teacher Training)

PSC has gone to great lengths to provide you with the most comprehensive Instructional Manual and Digital materials available. The student specifically acknowledges that he/she shall not cause or permit the teaching materials (digital or manual) to be shared, sold, copied, duplicated, photographed, scanned, entered into any form of electrical or mechanical memory bank of any kind or replicated in any form or fashion. This includes Xeroxing the Manual to make flash cards or study materials, to reduce or expand its size or for any other reason. He/she further acknowledges that a violation of this provision will cause PSC immediate and irreparable harm for which the financial damages to PSC may be difficult or impossible to calculate, either in the present or future, and that such a violation shall constitute a substantial and material violation of law.

The manual and digital material and/or all parts thereof, have either been copyrighted nationally and/or internationally by PSC. The student acknowledges these materials and the right to reproduce and disseminate them is exclusively owned by PSC. Each student agrees that he/she will permit no act, either of commission or omission, which would in any way interfere with or abrogate PSC’s copyright. All legal rights are expressly reserved.

Studio Policies:

  • All series expire 6 months from purchase and are not transferable, refundable or interchangeable
  • “Specials” will have a posted expiration date that is not extendable
  • “Hold” placed on any series is by written request 1X or require a Medical letter before hold is needed (not retroactive) and prior to expiration date of series.
  • Group Classes not permitted for clients with injuries or those requiring rehabilitation. Privates are suggested until injury has resolved or proficiency is achieved at the discretion of the trainer
  • Late arrival to class: (more than 15 min) no admittance permitted – for your safety and respect of other clients. Late cancel charge will apply
  • Cancellations made 24 hours prior to appointment will avoid forfeiture of session
  • Clean socks are mandatory to use equipment
  • Please arrive perfume and fragrance free
  • Please do not attend class if you are ill or contagious for the welfare of others
  • “Special Offers” apply to designated classes only and are non-transferable
  • Studio reserves the right to assign substitute teacher
  • All sessions are approx. 50-55 mins long and begin at the appointment time, not at time of arrival
  • No cell phones, children or pets in studio
  • No open studio policy – no use of any machines or props while unattended by an instructor
  • Sign in is required at time of session
  • Please notify us of any changes in your health
  • Appropriate attire must be worn. (Ex: dance pants, bike shorts/sweats, undergarments and socks)
  • At least 1 Private Session is required prior to taking equipment classes – for your safety
  • Instructor may advise you to a class level that is appropriate for you for your safety
  • Studio not responsible for lost items
  • All sessions/series must be paid for in advance
  • Covid 19 protocols will be followed at all times as mandated by the county, state or federal govt.