The Virtues of Comprehensive Pilates Education

Teaching Split Pedal Wunda ChairWe have titled this blog, “The Virtues of Comprehensive Pilates Education” because we live in an era of Pilates where Pilates education can be confusing for people seeking to become Pilates Professionals. If someone is new to the industry and has little experience in our world, finding a good, comprehensive Pilates program to learn their craft can be a daunting task. There are big name schools out there, and they certainly have their place. Here are a few interesting tidbits:

  1. Longevity is important and can usually be taken as a sign that they’ve certified many people over the years, generally that can be construed as a positive sign.
  2. Levels. Levels or often times, “3 levels” Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, etc. Often times are popular among Teacher Training programs. They can also take years to complete. So definitely a “check” for comprehensive education, and something to consider.
  3. Beware of the Weekend Cert Program. These programs whet the appetite of the new student, however, we here at Pilates Sports Center get many of these ‘graduates’ who want a real Pilates education to further their abilities as a Pilates Professional

Pilates Sports Center’s Teacher Training Program has been in existence for over a dozen years. They have hand picked and trained Master Trainers around the U.S. and the World for many years and our program continues to grow in popularity. PSC has the only East Coast/West Coast or Traditional/Progressive program that exists and flourishes today, and we are continuously updating our over 600 page manual to stay cutting edge and effective in this fantastic industry. For more information about our Teacher Training Program visit us. If you own a studio and are interested in becoming an educator, we welcome you to visit our Master Trainer link to learn more.