Ali Nagy

Ali NagyAli NagyAli NagyPilates Trainer / Staff Member, Encino, CA.Ali Nagy

Ali NagyStarting out as a competitive dancer at a young age, Ali grew up loving all things movement. She trained in various dance styles as well as gymnastics and cheerleading and eventually began a professional dance career once moving from West Virginia to Los Angeles in 2014. She has performed in award shows, on tours, in live shows with artists, television episodes, music videos and commercials. Along the way in 2017 she began to pursue her fitness journey as well. She started teaching mat Pilates and fusion classes ranging from hot barre to kettlebells. She also completed a Neuromuscular Massage Therapy program in 2019. This enhanced knowledge of anatomy has greatly benefited her as an instructor and allows her to better help students understand their own bodies. A disciplined teaching style helps keep the focus on flow and correct muscle engagement in her movement based workouts. But she believes simply finding joy in movement and breath while being able to laugh at yourself is important too!

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