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Burn at the Barre Tanks

Burn at the Barre Advanced Workout

Pilates Sports Center challenges you once again with the “Burn at the Barre Advanced Workout.” For lovers of Barre workouts this particular creation promises to challenge you in new, innovative ways.  Built on Pilates/Chiropractic and Dance principles, this workout will keep you safe while pushing you to new levels.

Our trainers will demonstrate 2 levels… Keep Reading »

Burn at the Barre For Beginners

On the heels of the breakout success of Pilates Sports Center’s “Burn at the Barre” we have created the Burn at the Barre for Beginners workout DVD. This 35 minute workout guides you through Ballet Barre legs, standing core work, and sculpting work for the arms with light weights (or water bottles).

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Stretch and Stamina

The Stretch and Stamina workout is designed to bring more stretching to your workout routine, while also providing some deep stamina and strengthening work. We will involve the entire body with a nice flow, and within the stretching segments and transitions we integrate a variety of Pilates elements including alignment, core work, stability, and more…… Keep Reading »


Pilates Sports Center and Master Trainer Joshua Smith have created a cutting edge workout mixing Pilates exercises with a stopwatch to create a difficult, yet extremely fun workout that you can do at home! This ingenious workout promises to offer you the ability to use 8 simple exercises to unlock a whole new you!  Watch… Keep Reading »

Pilates for Men

Developed for men and by men, this program is a series of variations on traditional Pilates, keeping in mind the differences between men and women. By following our program of 30 sessions in 60 days using only a mat, a ball and a rubber band, you will see a fantastic improvement in your posture, flexibility,… Keep Reading »

Pilates for Men: Mat Workout

This workout focuses on core strengthening, stamina and increasing flexibility. It will get your heart pumping and muscles firing. We implement great variations to traditional Pilates mat work. Pilates Sports Center puts Joseph Pilates most famous quote of, “10 Sessions to feel a difference, 20 sessions to see a difference, and 30 sessions to a… Keep Reading »

Pilates for Men: Ball Workout

We incorporate a ball into everything you’ve learned in the mat and band workouts. This small, seemingly simple ball will take your workout to an entirely different level, and you’ll feel the difference.

(Ball sold separately)

Pilates for Men: Band Workout

This workout concentrates on resistance work in ways you have never seen before. If you never thoughts that a simple elastic band could do this much for your workout, think again.

(Band sold separately)

The Jump Board Workout III

Very Advanced Workout: Cardio, Resistance Dance & Flexibility

The 3rd installment of the popular Jump Board series! All new advanced variations with hand weights and some tough dance moves. This is a very challenging cardio workout on the Reformer unlike any other of its kind. After about five minutes of this calorie burning workout your heart… Keep Reading »

The Foam Roller Fitness Workout

Pilates Sports Center, Inc. has produced the next evolution in the Foam Roller Workout. For teachers and home exercisers alike, we have increased the intensity and variety to the foam roller repertoire. You will experience core work, cardio, and resistance training along with a great flexibility segment.