Chiropractic and Schroth Scoliosis Care

Schroth Best Practice® Certified: Scoliosis program for patients of any age Dr. Stevens who’s passion, dedication, Schroth experience, 26+ years of treating spinal conditions and extensive study of a broad range of alternative treatments for scoliosis make her the right choice to help you with yours or your child’s scoliosis. If you want to halt curve progression, avoid surgery or revision surgery, and improve overall quality of life with scoliosis, get started with Schroth care with a Certified practitioner.

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Contact Dr. Stevens: 818 970 1222 [email protected]

Our goal is to arm the scoliosis patient with the know-how and skills to manage scoliosis, so that surgery is never necessary. Simply stated, the Schroth Method, est. Germany 1921, allows the patient to bring the musculature supporting the spine into balance. This is accomplished via three-dimensional scoliosis exercise routines and focus creating spinal stabilization. The scoliosis specific exercises prescribed are dictated by an individual’s unique scoliosis curve pattern. A custom Schroth Method exercise and breathing routine allows patients to work toward improved spinal symmetry.

Location: Encino, CA

Contact: 818 970 1222 [email protected]

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