Materials Release Agreement

This agreement will outline what materials are included in the cost of the Burn at the Barre™ Program. If you are attending an in person certification, you are entitled only to the instruction manual. You have the option to purchase either the full set of DVD’s of the Burn at the Barre Teacher Training Program (level I or II) or any of the professional Burn at the Barre Workout DVD’s, or both, at your cost. If you are taking a Home Study Level I or II Program, an instruction Manual and the DVD’s will be issued only when payment has been made in full and an agreement has been signed along with a full application.

PSC has gone to great lengths to provide you with the most comprehensive Instructional Manual and DVD materials available. The student specifically acknowledges that he/she shall not cause or permit the teaching materials (DVD or manual) to be shared, sold, copied, duplicated, photographed, scanned, entered into any form of electrical or mechanical memory bank of any kind or replicated in any form or fashion. This includes Xeroxing the Manual to make flash cards or study materials, to reduce or expand its size or for any other reason. He/she further acknowledges that a violation of this provision will cause PSC immediate and irreparable harm for which the financial damages to PSC may be difficult or impossible to calculate, either in the present or future, and that such a violation shall constitute a substantial and material violation of law.

The manual and DVD’s and/or all parts thereof, have either been copyrighted nationally and/or internationally by PSC. The student acknowledges these materials and the right to reproduce and disseminate them is exclusively owned by PSC. Each student agrees that he/she will permit no act, either of commission or omission, which would in any way interfere with or abrogate PSC’s copyright. All legal rights are expressly reserved.