Highland Park Mat Pilates teacher

Ritual Fitness is based in Highland Park. Ritual is looking for a Pilates instructor to teach Infrared Mat Pilates three times a week. MUST be able to commit to the full schedule below:
Mondays 5PM
Wednesdays 5PM
Saturdays 11AM
If interested, please reach out to [email protected] to coordinate coming and taking my class asap to see if studio vibe and class style are a good fit for you.
Class description from ritualfitnessla.com


The name says it all: it’s Pilates-based movements on a mat, under infrared heat. It’s strengthening, lengthening, stabilizing and sweaty. We employ body weight and small equipment to facilitate a full body workout that will leave you feeling more connected and engaged.

We highly recommend this class to all bodies and abilities. It is especially helpful for those recovering from injury, or for anyone who requires a no-impact workout. This class is a great way to balance out our more rigorous and cardio-forward methods.

All levels / 45 minutes