Eagle Rock Pilates Job

WANTED: Passionate Pilates Instructors to Stretch and Strengthen Eagle Rock’s Premiere Holistic & Chiropractic Wellness Center

Are you passionate about Pilates? Does the sound of your clients achieving happy, healthy, fit bodies sound like a dream? Then you may have stumbled upon the job opportunity of a lifetime. If you want to be a part of our creative, fast-paced environment that will bring out your best, you may be exactly who we’re looking for!

We are a fast-growing, holistic wellness center in Eagle Rock, CA and we’re looking for a few ambitious, like-minded, client-focused, Pilates superstars to round out our Back Benders’ Team and our Pilates program. We are looking for an instructor who can commit to Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Friday mornings and night, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Our holistic wellness center offer chiropractic, massage therapy, Pilates, and energy healing, so you must be skilled in knowledge of the body, and be conscious of and enjoy learning other modalities of holistic wellness. 

1. You enjoy personal interaction, and optimizing people’s bodies through Pilates.

2. You understand basic kinesiology, and are comfortable working with clients who have injuries and other body issues.

3. You speak up when there’s a problem or when you don’t understand. We are totally aware that you may not be aware of specific tendons or need further explanation on certain body issues. We only ask that if you need assistance or greater explanation, ask for it. We all support each other.

4. You are reliable and can manage your own clientele. We will not micromanage you and we trust that you set the times and days that you work. And, you let your clients know in advance if you will be unavailable or out of town. You are courteous and conscientious to not double book with our other Pilates instructors.

5. You are comfortable sharing your clientele with others, and promoting our other services. We are a studio who lifts everyone up, aspiring to make everyone better. As we offer multiple services, with multiple instructors and therapists, we want you to be able to encourage your clients to try new modalities, and even try our other Pilates instructors when you’re out of town or unavailable (Please no jealous types).

6. You are a team player with a “no problem” attitude. 

Your duties will include:

1. Teaching Pilates on your own schedule. You are allowed total flexibility on when you come and when you leave, as long as you show up prepared and on time for your clients. You don’t have to stay here in between clients, or show up on days when you don’t have clients booked. Being self-directed and proactive is important. 

2. Record your own hours to ensure proper payment, and keep track of your clients packages. You need to be able to let them know when they need to pay or purchase a new package, so you can be paid.

3. Notify the chiropractor or massage therapist of any new injuries or issues, if your clients is seeking additional services. 

4. Washing your own dishes. We have a break room complete with a refrigerator, microwave, teas, and other nibbles. Should you use any of these with utensils, or use the studio’s mugs for your coffee or tea, please clean off all used dishes before you leave.

5. Keep a clean and organized studio. Put the handles back on the reformer, and be sure your balls, circles, and other accessories are in their proper place for the next instructor or client. 

6. Seek out additional clientele. Be proactive in bringing in new clientele to your Pilates practice. We work= as a team to bring more clients to you as well. 

7. Be social, friendly, honest, and awesome!

WARNING: We are an uber committed company, with a deep desire to make a difference in the world by helping people’s bodies. We are totally open to you teaching at other studios (we understand everyone’s got to make a living), we only ask that you honor our business, our clients, and your own karma. (No personal drama or lazy people, please). 

Please email [email protected] and tell us who you are and why you’re perfect to join us. Showing us how you are working towards making the world a better place will set you apart. We’ll be reaching out to ideal candidates within the next week. 

Thanks so much!