Pilates Certification

The Cutting Edge Approach to Pilates Education
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Course Starts:

Thursday 6-7pm / Friday 12-4pm / Sat 11am-3pm 

Reformer – October 16 START DATE

Covid 19 Notice: Some Course Work May Be Completed Virtually As Possible / As Needed

Graduates of a Comprehensive Program that includes Barrels… Keep Reading »

Pilates Teacher Training Certification – Los Angeles

The Cutting Edge Approach to Pilates Education
For over 20 years, PSC has taught an experiential, contemporary approach to Pilates that preserves the original technique but incorporates modern knowledge and principals. We are the only Pilates Teacher Training Program in Los Angeles that teaches both the Classical and Progressive approach to Pilates all in one program.

When you… Keep Reading »

Pregnancy Certification



The Program will include:

10+ Hours of Coursework
Pilates Props, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table and Wunda/Combo Chair Repertoire for the Pre & Post Natal client
Medical anatomical terminology
Ethics and scope of practice
12 PMA CEC’s


Pilates Instructor Diploma from a comprehensive program that includes all apparatus including but not limited to: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and… Keep Reading »

Scoliosis Certificate Program

Level I required as prerequisite


Become a Scoliosis Specialized Pilates Instructor.

A 2 day / 12-hour expanded program exploring the causes of scoliosis, issues that can exacerbate its curvatures, and ways to attain better function, posture, and pain-free movement. We also cover scoliosis fusions. Learn what to avoid and what to focus on to assist scoliosis… Keep Reading »