Burn at the Barre Arms and Glute Work

Helena takes it to the mat with this inventive series using light hand weights. Show your clients in class and enjoy!

New Burn at the Barre Membership Videos

Burn at the Barre co-creator, Helena, demonstrates some new ideas for core work with weights and a ball. Use it, master it and enjoy! Your clients will too.

Co-Creator of Burn at the Barre – Helena demos Glute Work at the Barre!

New Burn at the Barre Video Blocks

New Burn at the Barre Warm up blocks with Theraband – demonstrated by co-creator Helena. 11-19-13

Ingenious BATB Work Incorporating Indoor Cycle

Helena heard that many of you have indoor cycling in your studios and uses the bike to incorporate some leg burning awesomeness! Enjoy!

New Burn at the Barre Membership Video!

Helena shows BATB members a cool new spin on oblique work on the mat. Enjoy the Burn!