Pilates Sports Center & December Gratitude

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Pilates makes for a great gift.

December is the month of gratitude and at Pilates Sports Center, we are grateful for you, our customers.

Just in time for gift shopping and the holiday rush, PSC is offering customers incredible value. Treat yourself, or give a loved one the gift of stress relief and fitness.

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Pilates Love

What was once a little-known set of exercises used only by athletes and dancers, Pilates has taken the world by storm. Once you take a class and walk out feeling more flexible, stretched, energetic, and, some say, even taller, you’ll ‘get it’ right away.

Pilates Ins and Outs

Pilates involves controlled exercises that work both body and mind. Its centers around the core – abdominal, back and hip muscles, especially those that are less frequently used, but which support the entire body’s frame. Often practiced in sets of five to ten repetitions, Pilates can be challenging, but it just feels so darn good!

If you haven’t jumped on this band wagon yet, never fear, it’s never too late to learn. And if you’ve been doing it for some time now, maybe it’s time to share the love and get your teaching certification.

Even if you haven’t exercised in a long time, or have recently had surgery, the stretching involved in Pilates makes this a perfect format to start with. Everyone can work with Pilates at their own pace, with exercises adapted to different levels of fitness and flexibility.

As with all forms of exercise, speak with your physician before you begin, but the truth is, most doctors love Pilates for their patients as much as we do.

You can also share concerns, details about past injuries and other fitness issues with your instructor, who is always happy to accommodate you.

Benefits of Pilates

If you do Pilates on a regular basis, you can improve your posture, achieve a stronger core and better balance, increase body awareness and flexibility, decrease stress, and maintain or lose your level of body fat. Often times, Pilates also works as physical therapy, restoring strength and range of motion to weak or injured areas.

PSC products

Pilates is an excellent holiday-stress buster.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Pilates focuses on precise movements and a lower number of reps. As with weight lifting, a little goes a long way. Some of the movements do involve more repetitions, as many as 100 in some cases. These select exercises are designed to get circulation going. 

If you practice regularly, you will feel some results right away, but most people really start to see a difference in just six weeks.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to try something new than when it’s on sale. Take advantage of our sale, and get more for less, today. Pilates also makes for a great gift. As a stress buster, it’s especially well-suited for the holiday season!

A Little Holiday Shopping?

We have an array of possible gifts.  Have a quick look here.

Pilates Sports Center Brings Education Online!


Pilates Sports Center’s successful and universally recognized Pilates Teacher Training Program has taken their  Mat Pilates program and made it available to aspiring Pilates professionals via digital download on their website. This is especially noteworthy as the demand for Pilates Education has grown wildly in the past several years. The style and idea… Keep Reading »

Save the Date – Pilates Empowerment Summit

Pilates Empowerment Summit!

October 18 – 20th, 2013

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