Scoliosis Facts

Idiopathic Scoliosis: (unknown cause)

Scoliosis most often occurs between ages 10-15.
It affects 7 girls for each boy.

What Medical Doctors Typically Recommend (watch and wait is a colossal mistake!)

  • 0-10˚ – No scoliosis detected
  • 10-25˚ – Regular observation – curves can get out of control quickly during a growth spurt – dont wait!
  • 25-40˚ – Bracing – not all braces are equal!
  • 50+˚ – Spinal fusion surgery

5-10% of diagnosed scoliosis cases will progress.
38,000 patients undergo spinal fusion surgery every year.

What is Spinal Fusion?

  1. The surgeon dissects layers of spinal muscles, ligaments and tendons, and the spine’s entire posterior joint system
  2. 3-inch screws and hooks are inserted on both sides of the spine
  3. Solid metal rods are run through the hooks on both sides of the spine along the length of the curve

Complications of Spinal Fusion Surgery

More than 50% of spinal fusion patients experience long-term complications during their life span.

Implant Failure
Spinal fusion implants can:

  • Break
  • Pierce the spinal canal
  • Compress nerve roots

More than 50% of treated patients experiences implant failure.

In one study:

  • 21% of adolescent patients required implant removal
  • 22% of patients required a total of 28 additional operations


  • 5-10% of patients develop deep infections a year or more after surgery
  • Some patients develop infections as many as 8 years later.

Loss of Motion
Surgical patients lose 20-60% of their ability to side flex.

Low Back Pain
20-33% of patients experience low back pain within 5-7 years.

Does Spinal Fusion Work?

An analysis of scoliosis surgery patients found that:

  • 41% felt no reduction in their pain levels
  • 33% lost all correction within 1-10 years
  • 19% required more surgery within 2-8 years
  • 26% were unhappy with the outcome

Alternatives to Scoliosis Surgery

Schroth Best Practice ® Scoliosis Programs
Work with Certified Schroth Therapists

Scoliosis Bracing – look nowhere else!

Cheneau braces are often considered the “Gold standard” for scoliosis bracing

3 dimensional bracing that addresses all curves: lateral, rotational and sagittal (front to back). This is the only way to go. Invented by the direct ancestor of Schroth, Dr. Hans R Weiss.

Bracing can be found at these locations for the BEST results possible along with Schroth exercise.

Bracing Locations:


Encino / Los Angeles / Long Beach / Monrovia, CA:

Boston, MASS and soon in Los Angeles, CA:

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