Change Lives as a Pilates Teacher


Becoming a Pilates teacher is more than just a way to make a living. When you teach Pilates, you help your students improve their lives. By strengthening their bodies with the forms and exercises created by founder Joseph Pilates, students can become healthier and better able to live a full life.

Those who want to become Pilates teachers have experienced the benefits of Pilates in their own lives: the enjoyment of doing Pilates itself, the increased strength, balance and stamina, and the renewed energy that exercising can bring. When health improves, it can motivate people to make other positive changes in their lives. As a Pilates teacher, you have the opportunity to change lives for the better.

Of course, Pilates is more than an exercise program; the emphasis on breathing and flow also helps students improve their emotional state. In this way, teaching Pilates goes past the physical to the mental and spiritual components of a person’s life. All of this is possible for teachers of Pilates to achieve.

You could have just any job. You could be a lawyer, customer service representative, a fast food worker, or a store clerk. All of these jobs are needed in society, but none of them have the potential to change lives like being a Pilates teacher.

The PSC Teacher Training Program prepares participants to teach others the skills involved in practicing Pilates. Student trainees learn about the anatomy of the body, positioning for effective forms, and how to use verbal and tactile cueing skills. Indications and contraindications for specific injuries or dysfunctions are also taught.

The program teaches the fundamentals of Pilates instruction followed by comprehensive instruction on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair apparatus. This in-depth program prepares students to teach Pilates at all levels from beginner to advanced. The program is structured in different modules that progress from simple to complex. Only 2 four-hour sessions per week are required, and the program can be completed in just 16 weeks. Courses are offered at various locations around Los Angeles and around the country and both daytime and evening/weekend options are available.

Teachers who complete the PSC Teacher Training Program go on to become sought after for their level of skill in teaching Pilates.

Certification by the Pilates Method Alliance is also an option once this program is completed, and the PSC program provides an excellent preparation to become certified.


Classes are forming now for PSC courses in Encino, Santa Barbara, Redondo Beach, and Studio City, with courses at Porter Ranch, Beverly Hills, and other locations throughout Washington, Arizona, Texas and Colorado coming later in 2015 and 2016. On the East Coast, courses are offered in Kentucky, New York, Tennessee, New Jersey, and all the way down to South Carolina and Florida. Internationally, courses are being offered in Montreal, Istanbul, and Tel Aviv. Continuing workshops are also available for those who have completed the training program.

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