4 Body Benefits to Becoming a Certified Pilates Teacher

Certified pilates teacher

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Training to be a certified Pilates teacher prepares your body and mind for a new career – helping people become more physically fit, toned and balanced. While working to help other people master Pilates, preparing to be a Pilates teacher can benefit your own body as well.

It is often true that the best way to learn something deeply and well is to teach it to someone else. In preparing to teach Pilates, students will necessarily need to have first-hand experience of how to do it well themselves. They need to have knowledge of how to do the forms and use the apparatuses they will be teaching, and they also need to know the nuances of correct forms and postures to get the most positive effects from a Pilates workout.

If you are considering training to become a Pilates teacher, here are four great body benefits for certified Pilates instructors:

1. A higher-than-average physical fitness level.

Because you will need to practice exercises repeatedly in order to teach them effectively, your fitness level will continue to improve. Pilates teacher training covers everything from the beginner poses to advanced apparatus like the Wunda Chair and Cadillac, and learning to teach these forms to others will force you to be proficient in them as well.

2. Lower stress levels.

Since most people who train to teach Pilates enjoy it and have a high level of interest in it, teaching Pilates will allow practitioners to spend a lot of time doing something they enjoy. Exercise is already a natural stress reliever, and spending a significant amount of time doing enjoyable activities will help lower stress even more.

Part of Pilates already deals with the mind-body connection including breathing techniques and some forms of meditation, which also help counteract the stress reactions of the body. While some people will find a way to be stressed about anything, learning to teach Pilates gives students a huge leg up on the average person when it comes to stress.

3. Increased ability to heal from injuries.

Part of the PSC teacher training program is learning which Pilates exercises can be used to help the body heal from injuries it may have sustained. Knowing about these specific indications and contraindications as well as about the anatomy of the body will help the Pilates teacher’s own efforts to be as healthy and injury-free as possible in his or her own life.

4. Increasingly graceful movements and correct posture.

Part of Pilates training focuses on having correct posture and on core strength. Improving core strength helps the body have proper balance and to be able to hold itself up straight. Correct posture and graceful movements will come across to others as a sense of confidence in oneself and a gentle but firm manner. In addition to the health benefits of posture and grace, namely fewer injuries, teachers may find that others will respect them more and treat them better.

Getting paid to work out is a great arrangement for any fitness enthusiast. Pilates has positive effects on the body for all practitioners, but special benefits for teachers. If you are interested in being trained as a certified Pilates teacher through Pilates Sports Center, the application can be found here. Classes are forming and are now in progress in many locations around the country and even internationally. Get more information at www.pilatessportscenter.com.

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