Pilates Certification Online?

You cant learn how to play piano or how to drive a car online so how can you learn how to handle dangerous Pilates equipment and LIVE people online?  You Can’t. Its just that simple. A basic Pilates Mat course is one thing, you need a mentor, a practice and observation protocol, a test out and evaluation process in person with a qualified individual and thats just for starters.  To become a qualified teacher you need hours of hands on teaching, study and observation time, review and actual camaraderie with other students.  You need to see, feel, hear and teach in the company of a teacher who is skilled and observant and present to assist you each step of the way.  To answer questions, to fix and coach you – to add all the millions of nuances that come from years of experience teaching.  Don’t be fooled by quickie weekend or online program that will only serve to take your money, fool the public and set you loose unprepared on the world with great risk of hurting someone and leaving you subject to lawsuits or worse.


Do your homework, spend the time and get the right education.  Are you serious about your education and career?  I don’t want a dentist or even a facial or dog groomer who learned their trade online in a weekend for a few hundred dollars.  Really – you know there is no short cut to real quality.  There is only the long road and hard work that leads to success.  We hope to hear from you, or see you in the Studio soon.