5 Reasons to Put Pilates in Your 2015 Plans


Even the beach knows it’s a new year.

Losing weight and getting fit are always two of the top ten New Year’s Resolutions people make each year. If exercise is part of your plan to be healthier in 2015, it’s time to learn about Pilates.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that uses stretches and other movements to develop strength in the core of your body, or your torso area. The exercises done in Pilates are said to help participants improve their balance and flexibility so that they can move more gracefully and efficiently. Correct posture is also emphasized, which helps the body seem longer and leaner. Toning of muscles and strength development are other features of the method.

Pilates has become popular with many celebrities and athletes such as Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham and Megan Fox. But what are the benefits of Pilates, and why is it something that should make your to-do list in 2015?

1) It’s appropriate for all fitness levels.

Everyone from teens to seniors can successfully do Pilates, since it adjusts the level of resistance and difficulty for each person’s fitness level and ability. Even fitness beginners or those who have not exercised regularly in the past can do the exercises, and those who have lots of experience still get great benefits, since everything is carefully tailored to the individual. Even pregnant women have taken Pilates safely (check with your doctor before starting any exercise program).

2) Your posture and flexibility will improve.

Because it emphasizes core strength and correct form, doing Pilates will give you great posture and make you more graceful and flexible. You will have greater confidence in your appearance, and your clothes may even fit better whether you lose weight or not. Since the emphasis is on toning, Pilates will strengthen without adding too much bulk.


There will be hard work along the way.

3) Say goodbye to back pain.

The back muscles often compensate for weak core muscles, leading to muscle spasms, strain, and other problems. Pilates strengthens the back muscles, which are an important part of the core, and reduces the likelihood of strain and injury to that area.

4) Busy schedule? No problem.

Whether taking a Pilates class with a group, a private trainer, or working out at home, Pilates workouts do not require hours to complete, making them perfect for fitting in on your lunch hour or between kids’ activities.

5) Stress relief–coming right up.

Part of Pilates involves breathing exercises, which can release tension in the body. The exercises themselves involve stretches that also relieve tension that builds up from the stress of everyday life. Some of the stretches involve rest poses that maximize positioning of the body for the best release of tension.

All in all, Pilates is a great way to meet your fitness goals for 2015. Its cardio components will help burn calories for weight loss, while its core-strengthening exercises will improve your posture, give your muscles more definition without bulk, and even help relieve stress. Why not make Pilates part of your fitness plan this year?

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