Pilates EXPO LA

5th Annual Pilates Expo Spring

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Private & Semi-Private Pilates

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For those needing or wanting individual training with personalized attention, Privates & Semi Privates are specifically tailored to the client regardless of level. PSC works directly with physical therapy centers and can meet your post rehab needs in a more private therapeutic session. These classes are for all levels novice to athlete.

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SeriesPrice Per ClassPrice Per Series
Instructor Rates
Intro RatePrivateInstructor$45New Clients Only
8 SeriesPrivateInstructor$70$560
16 SeriesPrivateInstructor$65$1040
SingleSemi PrivateInstructor$50
8 SeriesSemi PrivateInstructor$45$360
16 SeriesSemi PrivateInstructor$40$640
Master Trainer Rates
SinglePrivateMaster Trainer$80
8 SeriesPrivateMaster Trainer$75$600
16 SeriesPrivateMaster Trainer$70$1120
SingleSemi PrivateMaster Trainer$55
8 SeriesSemi PrivateMaster Trainer$47$376
16 SeriesSemi PrivateMaster Trainer$43$688
Director/Owner Rates
8 SeriesPrivateDirector/Owner$81$648
16 SeriesPrivateDirector/Owner$76$1216
SingleSemi PrivateDirector/Owner$65
8 SeriesSemi PrivateDirector/Owner$51$408
16 SeriesSemi PrivateDirector/Owner$46$736

Circuit / Interval Pilates


This new class will blast calories and build strength using a variety of Pilates apparatus from Jump Boards on the Reformer, Spring Boards/Tower and weights. Stretching is included! Get ready to sweat!  Intermediate Level (no injuries please, must have graduated from a beginner level with teachers approval to go intermediate)


Zumba & Zumba Gold

We offer the original Zumba with all the fun and excitement you expect! We also offer Zumba Gold: This Zumba dance class was created to bring Zumba to the active older adult, the beginner participant, and other special populations that may need modifications for success. Includes merengue, salsa, cumbia, belly dance, flamenco, and tango dance styles. 50 min. Beginner Level cardio class.

SeriesPrice Per ClassPrice Per Series
8 Series27.00216.00
16 Series25.00400.00
First Class Special!$20.00

Pilates For Men

pilates for men image

Contrary to common public opinion, Pilates is not just for women.  This class is designed to help men strengthen their core while still focusing on their favorite muscle groups. Up to 6 men only on The Pilates Reformers/Spring Boards & Mat. After all Joseph Pilates was a man’s-man and you can read more about him in our FAQ under this Classes tab.

50 min. – Intermediate / Advanced

3 DVD set “Pilates For Men: 10-20-30 Challenge” on sale now

SeriesPrice Per ClassPrice Per Series
Intro Rate$20 Special / New Clients Only
8 series$27$216
16 series$25$400

Group Reformer & More

grou reformer and more image

4-6 people on The Pilates Reformers/Spring Boards & Mat performing a mixed routine of Classical and Progressive Pilates exercises. May include: Jump Board, Light Weights, Magic Circles, Foam Rollers, Balls, Bands, Spring Board, or Chair.

You MUST schedule at least one private Pilates session before taking a group Reformer Class. Beginner classes are NOT introduction classes. The level of class taken may be determined by the instructor for your safety.

This is in respect to other people so the class can maintain its flow. After a taking private sessions, the equipment will not be new to you, your focus will be on the integrity of the exercise and listening to the instructor’s cuing, your body will have an understanding of the movement the way it is meant to be executed.

Thank you for your understanding!

50 min. – Various levels from True Beginner to Advanced, No injuries please (private sessions required) – check schedule.

SeriesPrice Per ClassPrice Per Series
Intro Rate$20 Special / New Clients Only
8 series$30$240
16 series$27$432

Pilates Mat


Classical and Progressive Pilates Mat with added props: Spring Boards, Magic Circles, Bands, Foam Rollers, Light Weights etc. to mix up and add resistance – important for bone density! 50 min. – all levels

SeriesPrice Per ClassPrice Per Series
10 series$17.50$175
20 series$15$300

Burn At The Barre


The latest in sculpting and toning at the Ballet Barre.  These routines have been fine tuned to deliver the best results based on the best the Barre has to offer without the knee or low back issues.  We use light weights to sculpt the arms, tough ab and glute work on the floor, and of course, Barre work with variations you have never seen or felt.  Join us and change up your routine to keep your body changing in the right direction.  DVD & Barre Certification available!50 min. – Various levels from beginner to advanced – check schedule.


SeriesPrice Per ClassPrice Per Series
10 series$17.50$175
20 series$15$300

Indoor Cycling — Spin Class


Take your cardio to a whole new level!  Our state of the art bicycles will rock your world – Pilates Instructors who are also Certified in Indoor Cycling will lead you through a fantastic workout that will integrate all the the Pilates principles that you know and love.