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today's schedule

Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2015
12:00 amGetting Started as a Movement Professional: Online Business Course0 minutesNikki Alstedter & Andromeda Stevens
9:00 amBOSU on the Reformer3.0 hoursKelli Altounian & Emily Zachary-Smith
9:00 amBurn at the Barre Variations: Bands and Discs3.0 hoursHelena Talman ;Ashley Zachary
9:00 am Personal Nutrition 3.0 hoursJessica LaMons
9:00 amPersonal Nutrition3.0 hoursJessica LaMons
10:00 amReformer Plus - Intermediate50 minutesClass Cancelled
10:00 amBurn at the Barre50 minutesClass Cancelled
10:00 amAdvanced Pilates Mat-No Beginners or Injuries 50 minutesClass Cancelled
11:15 amReformer Plus - Intermediate50 minutesClass Cancelled
11:15 amBurn at the Barre50 minutesClass Cancelled
1:00 pmDancer Flow on the Reformer3.0 hoursHelena Hultberg Talman
1:00 pmAdvanced Foam Roller Workshop3.0 hoursJosh Smith & Emily Zachary-Smith
1:00 pmJump Board Workshop: Level 1 and 23.0 hoursJosh Smith
4:15 pmArc/Spine Corrector On Reformer With The Jump Board Pilates Workshop2.0 hoursChelsea Streifeneder
4:15 pmSplit Pedal Wunda Chair Variations Workshop2.0 hoursSeth Hampton
4:15 pmPilates For Men2.0 hoursJosh Smith

upcoming events

Upcoming PSC PILATES Teacher Training Programs Across US


1. PSC MT: Elizabeth Stubbs: Begins August 24th, Portland Oregon.

2. PSC MT: Natalie Walker: Begins August 26th. Carlsbad California. EHF Pilates

3. Pilates Sports Center: Two Programs: Begin September 9th and 10th. Encino, CA  Pilates Sports Center

4. PSC MT: Lisa Diffey: Begins Mid September, Palm Desert, CA Infinity Pilates.

5. PSC MT: Chelsea Streifeneder: Begins September 18th, Body Be Well Pilates – Red Hook New York, Catskills NY.

6. PSC MT: Melanie Archer: Begins NOW! Archer Pilates, Culver City, CA