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today's schedule

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 2016
6:30 amPilates For Men 50 minutesSomayeh Moza
8:30 amPilates Mat50 minutesNia Allen
9:00 amReformer Plus -Intermediate50 minutesJessica LaMons
9:30 amZumba1.0 hourHelena Hultberg Talman
10:00 amReformer Plus -beg/Int50 minutesLaura Dunlop
10:30 amBurn at the Barre50 minutesJessica LaMons
10:30 amTeacher/Student/Grad Group Reformer50 minutesKelli Altounian
4:00 pmReformer Plus - Intermediate1.8 hourAndromeda Stevens
5:30 pmReformer Plus -Intermediate50 minutesKelly Dimeo
6:30 pmBurn at the Barre50 minutesKelly Dimeo

upcoming events

Upcoming PSC PILATES Teacher Training Programs Across US


1. PSC MT: Karen Rickett: Begins February 15th, 2016, San Diego, CA. Propel Pilates

2. PSC MT: Pilates Sports Center, Encino: Begins March 9th, 10th. Encino, CA. Pilates Sports Center

3. PSC MT: Holly Holland/Stacy Celi/J. Richert: Begins March 12, 2016, Louisville, KY  Pilates Village

4. PSC MT: Kelly Snailum: Begins March 23, 2016, Scottsdale, AZ Remedy Pilates and Massage

5. PSC MT: Lora Anderson: Begins May 11th, 2016, Studio City, CA Pilates Studio City

6. PSC MT: Marcy McCusker/Aaron King: Begins May 11th! Beverly Hills, CA. 818-731-1633  Oak Fitness Pilates