Host a Course or Workshop

Ready to Host Pilates Training or a Workshop at Your facility?

PSC’s mobile education modules make training at your facility easy. Just let us know the modules you’re interested in hosting and when. Together, we select a date, and then schedule an instructor. We’ll even assist with the promotion of the program for you.

Our mobile education modules allow you to start with a fitness fundamentals course, then Pilates mat training and continue your apparatus education at a pace that works for you. Workshops are also available and can further your education, motivate your staff, boost revenue and draw in other instructors in your area.


Each Pilates Teacher Training module or Pilates workshop has a price per student. (Continental US only) Call for details. 818 788 8112

Pilates Teacher Training Modules Cost Hours Min. Students
Fundamentals / Philosophy  $300 8 7
Pilates Mat $1200 24 7
Reformer $2400 48 7
Cadillac $1200 24 7
Chair $1200 20 7
Barrels $400 8 7

Mat Modules:

Facilities must have a dedicated space and one mat for each student enrolled.  Additionally, magic circles and bands are needed for every 2-3 students enrolled.

Reformer Modules:

Facilities must have one Reformer, (with green, red, blue and yellow springs) handles and straps, one sitting box, one moon box and one foot strap for every 2-4 students enrolled. At least one padded foot plate (“jump board”) is required. Cost of equipment is not included in course fees.

Cadillac Modules:

Facilities must have one Cadillac (with all springs, roll down bars and trapeze attachments) for every 2-4 students enrolled. Cost of equipment is not included in course fees.

Chair Modules:

Facilities must have one Chair (at least one with handle attachments) for every 3-4 students enrolled. Cost of equipment is not included in course fees.

Barrels Modules:

Facilities must have one Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Baby Arc for every 7 students enrolled. Cost of equipment is not included in course fees.

Equipment provided by the location must be in good working order.
If additional equipment is needed, call 800/PILATES or visit Balanced Body’s online store. Use PSC Discount Code #PIL0220

Pilates and Barre Workshops

Workshops Cost Min. Students
Advanced Cadillac Workshop  $100  10 students for all workshops
Advanced Pilates with Weights $100
Jump Board Workshops Beginner/Intermediate     $100
Intermediate with Props   $100
Advanced Cardio Pump    $100
BOSU™ On The Reformer $100
Burn at the Barre Variations I & II $100
Ladder Barrel Variations Workshop $100
Stretch & Stamina Workshop $100
Pilates For Men Workshop $100
Pilates Dowel on the Reformer $100
Pilates ARC on Ref. w/ Jump Board $100
PMA Exam Study Course $100
Stretching in Perfect Alignment $100
Vintage Repertoire Workshop $100
Split Pedal Wunda Chair Workshop $100
Pilates Spine Corrector Variations Workshop $100
Props in the Pilates Studio Workshop $100
Cardio Springboard/Tower Workshop I & II $100
Foam Roller Workshop $100
PHIIT (Pilates High Intensity Interval Training) Workshop $100
Pregnancy and Pilates Workshop/Certification $599
Low Back Care in the Studio  $90
Pilates Business Workshops: Two Versions Beginner I – Getting Started      $150
Advanced II – Studio Operations   $150
Common Problems & Pilates Protocols Workshop:
Upper Quadrant or Lower Quadrant
call for pricing
Burn at the Barre Teacher Training Program Level I & II please see our Burn at the Barre page
Small Apparatus (pedi pull, toe and foot corrector, sand bag and 2X4) $150

Ready to get started?

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