Laura Dunlop

Pilates Instructor / Staff member Encino, CA.  

A Southern California native, Laura is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Having suffered a serious neck injury early in her dance carrier she was introduced to Pilates as a way to continue conditioning, strengthening, enhancing her postural awareness and maintaining flexibility while rehabilitating her injury. Pilates allowed her to step right back into performing and working with an enhanced knowledge and understanding of her body.Seeing and feeling the positive affects Pilates has on herself and her clients of all ages and body types is very exciting and rewarding and she continues to challenge herself to grow as an instructor. Laura loves the experience of helping her clients become stronger, mindful of the body’s posture, breath, flexibility  and core strength. The sense of accomplishment they feel after making all of those connections is priceless! She is very excited to be a part of the Pilates Sports Center Family. Her Credentials include.

  •    PSC Jump Board Workshop – 2011
  •    PSC Cardio Spring Board Workshop – 2011
  •    PSC Common Problems & Protocols Shoulder – 2012
  •    PSC Common Problems & Protocols Foot & Ankle – 2012
  •    PSC Pilates for Men – 2012