Pilates & Pregnancy Certification/Workshop

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Thank you for your interest in the PSC Pregnancy and Pilates Workshop & Certification Program

Digital Distance Learning

The Program will include: Pilates Props, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table and Wunda/Combo Chair Repertoire for the Pre & Post Natal client / Medical anatomical terminology / Ethics and scope of practice / 16 NPCP CEC’s

By taking this course, you will walk away with a vast understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts of working with a pregnant client. You will have great knowledge of each trimester, concerns and warning signs to be aware of as well as a fantastic pre & postnatal workout that includes Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. After taking the workshop you have an opportunity to sit for an optional digital exam ($50), when you pass you will receive CECs and a custom Certificate of Completion. Most importantly you will be ready to go through the journey of pregnancy and pilates movement with your client.

For Teacher Training Education, workout classes, anatomy lessons and of course, to observe a few prenatal workouts  and so much more subscribe to the PSC Channel at Training.PilatesSportsCenter.com