Pilates for Men: Mat Workout

This workout focuses on core strengthening, stamina and increasing flexibility. It will get your heart pumping and muscles firing. We implement great variations to traditional Pilates mat work. Pilates Sports Center puts Joseph Pilates most famous quote of, “10 Sessions to feel a difference, 20 sessions to see a difference, and 30 sessions to a whole new body” to the ultimate test. Our program was developed by men, for men, and is a series of variations of traditional Pilates Mat Work. The goal here is for you to get in 30 sessions in roughly 60 days, you will do this by using nothing more than a mat, a ball and a fitness band. You are about to try something entirely new, and we think you’ll see fantastic improvements in your body, flexibility, strength and control! Enjoy! You have perhaps seen Pilates Mat Workouts in the past, but this work is intense, and will require great strength and concentration from you. Get in touch with your inner Pilates self and enjoy this fabulous workout!