Club Pilates: currently seeking instructors across the nation

Club Pilates: currently seeking instructors across the nation:

Club Pilates is actively recruiting for Pilates Instructors with a comprehensive and full apparatus Pilates certification. Club Pilates offers group (12) reformer classes in various formats and levels to accommodate everyone seeking to learn Pilates or hone their expertise. Club Pilates is a well-established nation-wide brand committed to providing affordable and accessible Pilates to the community. Club Pilates is currently established in 25 states and 2 countries. Class formats target a wide range of client’s needs – from young to more senior and beginner to advanced. Club Pilates has already sold approximately 450 territories throughout the United States and Canada. Its over 450 instructors provide a current annual rate of over 6 million workouts to tens of thousands of members. We are seeking highly motivated and dynamic Instructors to join our studio family. Both full- & part-time positions are available. The ideal candidate will have a passion for Pilates and helping others improve their lives through health and fitness. If you are a professional Pilates instructor who is energetic, friendly, willing to learn, build relationships with potential and existing clients, and lead dynamic apparatus focused workout routines (we use Balanced Body reformers, EXO chairs, TRX, spring boards, ballet barre and more), you’ll be a great addition to our team. Club Pilates offers convenient block scheduling, employee status (not an independent contractor), competitive rates, and room for growth into a Master Trainer and Pilates educator.

We are currently seeking instructors across the nation. To apply, please send resumes to and include what city/studio location you are interested in in the subject line of the email.